TLC 1000 U3S

TLC 700 S

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1Is this camera durable for outdoor use? How environmentally sealed is the camera?
This is not a IP sealed device. This means it is not sealed in anyway to prevent dust and water form getting into it. As a result it is not recommended for use in rain or snow.
2What happens if the product breaks?
The camera comes with a 1 year warranty. If anything happens within that period we will repair and return the unit. If it looks like there has been end-user abuse in any way we will submit the repair estimate through our USA repair center outside Philadelphia.
3Is there anything that would restrict the use of this camera in the UK?
The camera voltages accepted will be perfectly fine in the UK and Europe. The power supply that comes with the unit accepts the universal power cables and can be ordered in the correct voltage. The power supply that comes with the receiver would need a power adapter.
4What can you tell me about the wireless video signal? Can it be used in Europe and Japan?
This wireless video conferencing signal is FCC compliant. With that being said the frequencies being used: 5.15-5.25, 5.25-5.35, 5.47-5.72, 5.72-5.8 (GHz) are cleared for video transmission in practically every country on the planet.
5Are all outputs simultaneous for the cameras?
You can stream H.264 content over your network at the same time you output a 1080p 30fps HD-SDI signal.
6What kind of latency can I expect with your cameras?
The camera latency can be based on a number of factors; but typically a Broadcast Quality Standard is 60ms at around 120ms is where this can start to be become an issue for live production, but not enough to be a problem for conferencing or streaming.